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Is Duchess Catherine more like the Queen or Princess Diana?


Speaking to Yahoo UK, two royal experts weighed in on Prince William’s wife, Catherine, and her royal ruling style.

So, according to you, who is Duchess Catherine more like the Queen or Princess Diana? 

According to royal author Victoria Murphy, there was always a “rush” among royal fans to compare Kate to Will’s late mother, Princess Diana, but that just doesn’t match with who the Duchess of Cambridge is. Royal specialists claim that Kate Middleton is very similar to the Queen. Both are introvert, humble, love the outdoors and have an unusual “ability to compartmentalize.”

“I’ve perpetually thought that Catherine has more in common personality-wise with the Queen; not an extrovert, but quietly self-assured with a love of the outdoors and the ability to compartmentalize,” Murphy explained in July,

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Victoria further added by saying, “I believe she still remains more of a team player than a leader though. Not to forget she’s  more of a listener than a talker, but I think these characteristics are well-suited to her current and future roles.”

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Even though Kate is usually introverted, however, Murphy says it’s also obvious that she’s certainly come out of her shell and grown a lot since marrying into the family. Duchess Catherine is well on her way to becoming a queen consort someday.

There is no scepticism that Catherine has grown in confidence enormously since joining the royal family. “Initially, she was very keen to learn the ropes and look to others for direction over what she should be doing and you could sense that. But slowly she’s started to take the lead more and now it appears much more like she is driving energy when it comes to the types of causes she and William are taking on and the way they approach their work.”

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Angela Levin, another royal writer who talked to Yahoo UK about Catherine’s nature, agreed. “I think she has grown in confidence. She is a perfectionist who wants to get things right and has been nervous that she might not,” Levin said. “Now she knows the ropes she is more relaxed. I also think that being a mother has made a huge difference in how she faces life now”.

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