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The Queen demands more behavioural respect from George and Charlotte.


Both Princess Charlotte and Prince George are growing up. And with time, there are a certain set of rules they need to start following.

They are getting an early education on becoming royals says the Queen.

Royal historian and author, Marlene Koening told The Royal UK that the children must bow and curtsy to their great-grandmother at public engagements. She said: “Certainly by age eight they should. The only person they will curtsy or bow to is the sovereign. A royal highness does not curtsy to another royal highness. Yes, there are some reports that state this, but it is not true”.

George, who turned nine on July 22, will be expected to begin publicly bowing to the queen shortly: Well, there are possibilities that the future king has done so in private when greeting Queen Elizabeth.

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Charlotte, who turned seven years old in May, has a few more years before she begins following her brother. However, she was seen last summer giving a mini curtsy to diplomats with her parents.

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Koening added: “Curtsying and bowing is etiquette, nothing to do with precedence. You curtsey the first time you see the sovereign and then again when you take a leave”.

“On Christmas, we saw the Cambridge’s curtsy when Her Majesty arrived and left. Other royals including Charles did not because they had already seen her”.

But the children aren’t the only ones learning proper royal etiquette: Sir William Heseltine, one of Her Majesty’s private secretaries, revealed that the royals should wait until the monarch retires to bed before they also hit the hay.

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In an interview, Heseltine shared: “Nobody feels right to go to bed before Queen Elizabeth does”.

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