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Royal Announcement: Queen Elizabeth declares Prince William and Kate Middleton as the future King and Queen Consort.


The Queen of England, Elizabeth has officially marked her dearest grandson, Prince William and his wife Kate the next King and Queen Consort of England.

This news, of William being the next king, indeed came as a shock. It was, by all means, a big Royal Family shake-up.

However, this means that Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son, Prince Charles might have been officially taken over in the British monarchy’s line of succession.

“Our Queen realized that Prince William and Kate are the future. The Queen has put in 70 years of hard work for making sure that the House of Windsor survives. Now, she sees Prince William and Kate as having that energy and star quality to do the job. Our Queen will always do what is best for the long-term health of the monarchy”.

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“With all the drama that has surrounded The Royal Family over recent decades, Queen Elizabeth realized that the monarchy no longer has the respect and power it once had”.

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Prince William as the King.

So, now that Prince William and Kate Middleton will become the next King and Queen Consort, it will be difficult for them to handle their two young children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Well, to explain that Kate Middleton wanted to keep a low profile for some more time. Kate still wants to remain a keep an eye mom. Middleton is believed to worry more about being in the spotlight. Well, the kind of Royal mom Kate is, she’s concerned about the added pressure on her kids.

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Well, we consider The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to be lucky. They have some time before they both take over the British throne. The one thing that is for sure is that the Queen will not abdicate her throne. Even at the age of 91, she is indeed in great health.

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