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The Queen calls off St Patrick’s Day celebrations but sends solidarity message to Irish fans

St Patrick's Day

Queen Elizabeth has issued a message of solidarity to Ireland after St Patrick’s Day celebrations are cancelled over COVID-19 fears.

In an official post, Buckingham Palace said there will be an absence of an annual St Patrick’s Day parade with the Irish Guards.

Instead, they would honour the tradition by sharing more on where they would be working this year instead. The Irish Guards are known fondly in the Army as ‘the Micks’. It is an Irish regiment which has proven its loyalty on numerous occasions.

“Number 1 Company is currently deployed in South Sudan. It’s for a duration of four months on Operation Trenton, providing security to the Royal Engineers. The Engineers working there are undertaking construction projects as part of the @unitednations mission. This includes the likes of teaching basic skills of empowering the locals. This eventually will help them continue to improve their lives long after the deployment finishes.

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“Meanwhile in Iraq, the remaining of the Micks are stationed on Operation Shader. The Micks are, at present, on a six-month tour. The tour focuses on training security forces across multiple locations in Iraq and the Kurdish Region.

“A truly diverse Regiment, the Irish Guards draws from soldiers all over the British Isles, Ireland and across the Commonwealth. “As the Regiment’s motto challenges, ‘Quis Separabit’ — ‘Who Shall Separate Us?’

Prince William and Duchess Kate won’t be participating but not because of coronavirus.

Furthermore, Prince William and Duchess Catherine won’t be ringing in St. Patrick’s Day. The Cambridges have officially cancelled their royal tradition of honouring the Irish Guards during London’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Today morning it was reported that the celebratory event is being cancelled. Even if the event was not cancelled, the Irish Guards’ first battalion would have not been able to make it because they are currently deployed elsewhere.

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Last year in 2019, Duchess Catherine attended the ceremony wearing a chic and appropriately green Alexander McQueen coat, You can see that in the above picture on Instagram. Along with it, she was wearing a matching hat and block-heeled pumps. Green colour has always been a favourite hue of Kate’s.

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