Camilla Parker-Bowles Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth thinks Camilla is a wicked woman. But why?


How is Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with his son, Charles’ wife? Is it sweet or sour? What did Her Majesty actually think about Camilla? 

Queen Elizabeth was not happy with Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

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According to a new biography by Tom Bower, it claims that Charles who carried on an affair with Camilla during his marriage to Princess Diana actually confronted his mother about welcoming his girlfriend into the royal family.

Well, to our surprise, Queen Elizabeth’s response was brutally frank.

At the time, Her Majesty had drunk several martinis. And so, she replied forcefully: “I will not accept your adultery, nor forgive your girlfriend for not leaving you alone to allow your marriage to recover”.

Bower also claims that Queen Elizabeth even called Camilla ‘that wicked woman’.  She also said: “I want nothing to do with her”. 

Despite Prince Charles having full support of his aunt, Princess Margaret, she would not budge. Things got a bit smooth after that year when the Queen Mother died. Why? As she was also publicly skeptical about accepting the relationship.

The couple ultimately got married in 2005, but not without controversy.

We all know their affair had been a huge factor in the breakup of both of their marriages. Hence, they were not permitted to marry in the Church of England.

So, instead they married each other formally in Windsor Town Hall. In the run-up to the ceremony, Queen Elizabeth didn’t invite the Duchess of Cornwall to ceremonies or official dinners. 

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Since then, the Queen has publicly softened her stance on the marriage and Camilla. Well, let’s see where and how their slow and steady mother and daughter-in-law relationship goes.