Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth style secret – this is how she avoids getting blisters from her shoes.


Queen Elizabeth is always impeccably dressed. But how does she avoid, the issues we all suffer from, blisters?

The 95-year-old reigning monarch has fascinating and soothing outfits for each and every occasion.

Not to forget, those are in an array of different, bold and bright colours. Her usual go-to outfit or a normal outfit is a simple dress. That is covered up by a knee-length coat, a matching-coloured hat, gloves and most likely a small handbag.

Well, the Queen often finishes off her Royal look with a pair of flat black buckle shoes. But then again, with hundreds of pairs of similar-looking shoes, how does the British monarch ensure a comfortable walk and avoid getting blisters?

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Don’t worry, we got the solution that Queen Elizabeth uses to avoid such or any type of blisters. She has a small but effective trick for avoiding blisters with new shoes.

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The Royal designer, Stewart parvenu has been working with the 91-year-old reigning monarch for a long time now. He and his team have been handling her wardrobe since 2000.

He also revealed and described to The Royal UK the various techniques his team use to keep her looking elegant and perfect. Queen Elizabeth has always been known for wearing different styles of shoes. Stewart revealed that nifty trick she uses to never risk getting blisters when she buys a new pair of Royal shoes.

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Stewart also revealed that the Queen has a servant with the same sized feet to break in her shoes. Those Royal servants who break in the shoes also reportedly wear cotton ankle socks and walk on the carpet so as to soften the leather.

Stewart said: “The shoes have to be immediately comfortable. So she does get someone to wear them. The Queen can never say, ‘I am uncomfortable, I can’t walk anymore”.

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