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How Princess Margaret paved the way for the younger generation of royals?

Princess Margaret

The documentary Margaret: A Rebel Princess examines the Queen’s late sister’s life and loves as they coincided with changing social norms in Britain.

In various ways, there would be no Duchess Meghan had there not been a Princess Margaret.

Princess Margaret was quite an intriguing personality in the British royal family. As Princess Margaret grew up and began to enter the world as a grown-up adult, immense social change was taking place. These changes include the democratization of Britain, the decline of an empire, the meritocracy and a whole brand-new way of thinking about the structure of society was taking place. Although Margaret was no political rebel in any sense, of all the members of the royal family, she was the one that tasted elements of these things that were going on and joined the groups of the more revolutionary thinking people.

How Margaret’s life paved the way for the younger generation of modern royals?

Princess Margaret happened to be in love with an older man who was married and had children and worked for her father. Just by falling in love with him, she broke many taboos. The idea that a princess would marry outside the aristocracy, during that time, was very much beyond. People did not do that. The idea that a member of the royal family would marry someone who had been married to someone else was, without any doubt, completely out of the question.

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Over the course of the 20th century, all of those barriers that she overcame, or taboos that she broke, the rest of the royal family members walked into her footstep one way or another. And then we’ve got Meghan, who is American, is a divorcee and so on. So it would be completely safe to say that Princess Margaret paved the way for the world that the royals occupy today.

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Do you also wonder why so many royal fans are still so curious about Princess Margaret?

Personally, I think it’s the fact that she was capable of maintaining both the absolute expected image of a royal princess all through her life while also living in the modern age, even as it changed, moving with the times and engaging with a much wider circle of society than any previous royal had, and doing it in a very public way.

Part of that included pulling the curtain back on the individual lives of the royals. It’s not as dominant an institution as it was in the past, but symbolically it’s a very powerful institution, and we all have that curiosity.

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We are all still in the age of the tabloid. We’re also in the age of online communication, with instant information. We expect to know all this stuff now, I mean it’s not a big since because of the internet. But Princess Margaret was living through an age where people were just gradually moving into that world, and so she’s a fascinating modern figure.

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