Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s most iconic & best winter looks of all time


Rather than wearing a shapeless coat and clunky boots, Princess Diana made the winters work to her advantage.

Princess Diana’s easygoing yet glamorous winter style set her apart from the rest of the royal family.

Dubbed as “the fashion icon’ by many and watched by the media 24/7, Diana knew that the most insignificant sartorial misstep would be a huge blunder for the global fashion police. Dressing drab? Out of the question. Winter? No excuse.

The late legend’s cold-weather style skewed conventional — notably during the 1980s after marrying into the royal family. Prince Diana did find ways though to spice up her staid ensembles through pops of colour (she loved red) and trendy tailoring (she could work a shoulder pad like no other). In the ’90s, when she split from her husband, Prince Charles, Diana took more opportunities (hello denim jumpsuits!), completing her transformation from shy ingenue to the most prominent fashion star.

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Her perpetual look: trendsetting yet timeless, aspirational yet approachable looks all while being refreshingly modern. Let’s look back at Diana’s winter apparel for inspiration on what to wear to get through the cold winter while maintaining the style intact.

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In the first picture, you can see a 19-year-old Lady Diana Spencer. She was captured wearing a colourful yet casual winter sweater, a white turtleneck, khaki-coloured corduroy pants, and green rain boots after her engagement announcement. 

This appearance is unquestionably casual for the soon-to-be princess. Also, it is one of her more notable fashion moments. Fair Isle and Aztec-inspired sweaters were on-trend in the ’80s, as was corduroy, which remains popular in fall and winters.

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From bold plaid prints to brightly coloured sweaters and tailored coats, Princess Diana always had the knowledge about how to make a statement with her outfits. With the chilly winter months quickly approaching, it’s no surprise we wanted to remember some of the royal’s most iconic cold-weather fashion moments, isn’t it?

Princess Diana’s style continues to inspire us, and many of her looks are still on-trend today.

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