Princess Charlotte Queen Elizabeth

Princess Charlotte copying Queen Elizabeth is the cutest thing you’ll find on internet today.

Queen Elizabeth

An old picture of Princess Charlotte having an uncanny resemblance with Queen Elizabeth has resurfaced online.

Do you also think that Princess Charlotte is just like Queen Elizabeth?

This picture is nearly two years old. Two years ago the British royal family were celebrating many occasions. Princess Eugenie wed Jack Brooksbank in a star-studded event attended by over 850 people. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex kicked off their 16-day royal tour of Australia and announced their pregnancy news. While Pippa Middleton gave birth to her first baby boy. But we can’t forget about Princess Charlotte. How can we? 

The royal family released the official photos of Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding after a few days. And while Eugenie absolutely dazzled in her Peter Pilotto wedding gown, it was Charlotte who stole the show with her prim and proper attitude. 

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See what we mean? Royal fanatics were also quick to call out just how much she looks like her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. So Princess Charlotte is taking tips from Queen Elizabeth, eh?

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Royal fans have noticed once again the striking resemblance between Princess Charlotte and the Queen in Princess Eugenie’s official wedding portraits. Charlotte, who is five-years-old now, was spotted striking a near-identical pose to her great-grandmother in the picture of her with the other bridesmaids and page boys. Princess Charlotte was seen resting her hands together on her lap in the picture, just as Queen Elizabeth did in the family portrait. Social media users were quick to point out the similarity between the two in the photographs.

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Princess Charlotte appears to carefully watch her great-grandmother’s every move. Fans noticed how she appeared to copy the Queen during her appearance at Trooping the Colour in 2018. Despite her tender years, Charlotte has become very used to public appearances. It was also reported that she and George have been having etiquette lessons. It is just to ensure they never put a foot out of place.   

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