Princess Charlotte

How Princess Charlotte is ruling the royals with her charm, confidence and girl power?


Five years ago, on 2 May 2015, Princess Charlotte was born & the Tower of London turned pink marking the birth of a Princess.

The arrival of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge was a spring treat to cheer the nation

This joyous moment was celebrated around the world, with gifts coming from as far afield as Australia. But no one was as excited as her grandfather, the Prince of Wales. He exclaimed, “She is beautiful”. “I was wishing for a granddaughter – someone to look after me when I am very old.” Well, it is very hard to believe that Grandpa Wales’s little girl is already celebrating her fifth birthday. That is because she seems so grown up now.

A few months before her birth, the laws of succession were changed. Now she doesn’t have to cede her place to her younger brother. This left her fourth in line to the throne after Prince George; fifth is little Louis. But Charlotte has lifted spirits with her enthusiastic claps for the NHS, really didn’t need a change of rules to make her mark in the family.

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Britain’s girl power Princess seems to have the mettle of her mother. She also resembles the authority of her great-grandmother, the Queen. Then there’s the charm as well. Remember that lovey little wave as Charlotte visited her young brother with George, briefly looking backwards at cameramen as she skipped the hospital steps? To be honest, it was a scene-stealing appearance worthy of her much-missed grandmother, Princess Diana.

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Like many little girls, Charlotte models herself on her mother. You’ll regularly witness Kate discreetly hugging and training her when the family greets the public together. Their closeness is perfectly underlined by their colour-coordinated outfits. These ‘take your daughter to work days are usually coordinated by precious private time.

Last September the bright-eyed Princess joined her elder brother at Thomas’s School, Battersea. Their modern curriculum includes ballet for both girls and boys and places great importance on kindness.

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Of course, we can have no way of knowing how Charlotte’s interests will develop or whether she will ever hold the title of Princess Royal. But it’s not hard to imagine that, like Anne, she will become a pillar of the monarchy.

By the time Princess Charlotte comes of age Britain will once again be ruled by Kings after one of the longest and most successful tenures of a Queen in the history of the world. But while the next 100 years may be dominated by the reigns of Charles III, William V and George VII, you can be sure that Charlotte will rule as a 21st century Princess of Hearts.

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