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Prince William is spending more time with the Queen to learn future royal duties

Prince William

While our grandmothers were telling us stories in our childhood, the Queen was giving, Prince  William, lessons on how to rule the well-established British Empire.

It is a job that Prince William will one day undertake on his own.

State boxes’ is the euphemism for Queen Elizabeth’s daily stack of official papers. She goes through them each and every single day except for two. Those two days are Christmas and Easter. When Prince William takes the British throne, he will have to do the same job.

As we all know, the best technique for making somebody understand something is by using examples. Well, Queen Elizabeth did the same. She’s now, been on the British throne for nearly seven decades and William is learning from the best. 

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William joining his grandmother is another sign of the Queen beginning to hand over more responsibility to Prince Charles and William.

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For now, Prince William was happy to stand back and watch as Queen Elizabeth met with several foreign Ambassadors. The Queen, who has been on the throne since 1952, holds scores of audiences every year.

Early in 2014 Buckingham Palace began to merge staff, with Prince Charles, who will inherit the throne when the Queen passes, seeing his aide become the media chief for the entire Royal household.

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The Duke of Cambridge has taken this to heart, noting fondly to The Royal UK that, his grandmother is indeed ‘above politics’. He also, in 2012, called her an ‘incredible role model’.

The Duke of Cambridge, no doubt, will be a British monarch one day, maybe even one that doesn’t live in Buckingham Palace. But it seems like he will be taking many pages out of Queen Elizabeth’s playbook.

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