Prince William

Prince William reflected on the activities he can no longer enjoy now that he’s a father

Prince William

Prince William may one day inherit the British royal throne, but at the end of the day, he’s a dad to three young and adorable kids.

Prince William revealed how his life has changed since becoming a dad and it’s so relatable for a lot of parents.

During an official royal engagement, according to Hello! Magazine, Prince William talked about recreational activities he can no longer enjoy as much since he and Kate welcomed their child, into the world, adding a bit more responsibility and sleepless nights into the mix as well.

Prince William revealed during this appearance that the one thing he had to give up after Prince Louis was born was the biking trips he used to take, according to Hello! Magazine. “I’m a father of three, I have to tone it down,” Prince William said. “I miss the big trips, biking for me was just about being with everyone else.”

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Prince William isn’t alone in that adjustment — becoming a parent often means having to give up certain things from life before kids. But it’s a nice exchange that comes with more time spent with family. But forgoing biking trips was clearly something that was hard to part with for Prince William. But he doesn’t seem to mind too much; he talks more about his family than he ever did of his biking trips.

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In case you don’t know, the duke of Cambridge, William, was crazy about motorcycles with revving engines and more. Some people might not know that Prince William was “an avid biker”, according to Observer. But he actually owned several motorbikes with his brother, Prince Harry, and even participated in biking events for charity. He even arrived at one polo event on a motorbike in 2009, according to The Telegraph.

But while the future king might have loved this hobby, his wife reportedly isn’t the biggest fan of it. During an engagement in 2015, Middleton revealed that she wasn’t happy when Prince Harry takes his motorbike out on the streets, according to Hello! Magazine. “It always fills me with horror when he goes out on it,” Middleton told one well-wisher, the outlet reported.

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But if biking makes Middleton terrified, then it’s understandable why the duke would give up the hobby for his family. Not only are relationships about compromise, but parents do give up quite a few things when they become parents, according to Baby Gaga, like sleep, spontaneity, and even some of their favourite hobbies, especially if it jeopardizes their safety.

The Duke of Cambridge might miss biking, but it’s clear just how much he loves being a father, as evidenced by how highly he speaks of his family. Although Prince William had to give up one hobby when he became a parent, he got three of the (arguably) cutest kids in England in exchange. That sounds pretty fair to me.

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