Prince William

Prince William talks about the challenges he faced as a Royal Air Force pilot

Prince William

Prince William talks about the worries and challenges he faces in his role as RAF search and rescue pilot.

Prince William frankly opens up about life as a pilot in Royal Air Force to BBC.

“You have to analyse all the information you’ve got and make the best judgement,” said William. “It is not easy. It makes you feel worried, anxious. You obviously want to take the right decision”. “I had a duty of care for the crew, for the casualty in many cases as well, so you do have to think very carefully. Overall I got three other guys whom I relied upon for my decision making.”

The documentary, Helicopter Rescue, follows events at RMB Chivenor in Devon and RAF Valley in Anglesey, where the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, was based. This documentary is not surely the first time Prince William, who was known by his friends as Lieutenant Wales, has given the public a glimpse of his RAF working life.

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In November 2012, behind-the-scenes photographs were released. They showed a typical 24-hour shift for the Prince in his official role as a Search and Rescue (SAR) pilot flying Royal Air Force Sea King helicopters. The photos also shows Duchess Kate’s husband amongst his team members, on-call for emergencies and making tea during a break.

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When Prince William was 30, he faced a dilemma whether to continue his work in the royal services or follow in the footsteps of his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, by dedicating time to royal duties and charity work.

Obviously, it wasn’t an easy decision for the Duke of Cambridge. He later explained during the BBC programme that there is “no greater feeling” than saving lives but he also wanted to continue the work started by his mother. William and his team rescued a Canadian tourist in 2013 when she fell into a crevice while walking along the Anglesey coast and broke her leg.

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During that time, when William busy at work, Kate, who was almost six months pregnant, was “finally getting a chance to enjoy her pregnancy” as stated by William in the interview. In the initial days of her pregnancy she decorated the 21-room apartment in Kensington Palace as claimed by William.

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