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How Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton nine years ago?

Prince William

Prince William and Duchess Catherine just celebrated the second birthday of their youngest child last week.

It’s time to celebrate another significant occasion – it’s been nine years since Prince William married Kate Middleton.

The couple officially announced on 16 November 2010 that they were engaged. They further told that they plan to marry in 2011. Prince William further revealed how he proposed his girlfriend, the then Kate Middleton. Before the engagement, the couple is said to be in nine years of relationship.

While on a trip to Kenya with friends a few weeks earlier in October, all these things happened. They signed a guestbook at Rutundu Cabin at the foot of Mount Kenya, which suggests it was the magical place.

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In the note dated 20 – 21 October 2010, Kate hinted that it had been a special stay, writing: “Thank you for such a wonderful 24 hours! Sadly no fish to be found but we had fun trying. I love the warm fires and candle lights—so romantic. Hope to be back soon.” William added: “Such fun to be back! Brought more clothes this time! Looked after so well. Thank you, guys! Look forward to next time, soon I hope.”

The first interview after announcing the engagement

Prince William explained he’d planned all this for a while. He also revealed that he carried his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring in his rucksack for three weeks before proposing and was very much scared of losing it.

Kate Middleton called the moment “very very romantic,” before finally admitting that it was a “total shock”. The couple jokingly admitted they’d discussed marriage with each other a lot in the previous year. William loves Africa and felt it was the perfect opportunity to finally ask Kate to marry him.

Talking about how important family is to both of them, Kate said: “It’s very important to me and I hope we’ll be able to have a happy family ourselves,” before William added: “Obviously we want a family, so we’ll have to start thinking about that.” William and Kate then wed on 29 April 2011 in a fairytale ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

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The couple is now parents to three children, welcoming Prince George on 22 July 2013. It was followed by daughter Princess Charlotte on 2 May 2015 and Prince Louis on 23 April 2018. The Cambridge kids are growing up fast, with George now in Year 2 at Thomas’s school in Battersea, with Charlotte having just joined him last year. 

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