Prince William

Prince William ‘positions himself as king’ in powerful video message

Prince William

Prince William positions himself as Britain’s future king in a powerful new video to mark 100 years of Australia’s RAF.

Prince William touches on his own experience as in the RAF to make the message relatable

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, is second in line to the throne and joined the Queen in marking a special anniversary. The Duke issued a convincing video message recognising RAF Australia’s centenary. The video was shared on social media to coincide with the Queen’s visit to the War Graves Commission Air Forces memorial at Runnymede.

RAF Australia tweeted the clip of William on Wednesday with the message: “We’ve received a special message from London. “His Royal Highness, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge has sent us this video to recognise our Centenary and 100 years of service to Australia.”

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Speaking in the video, Prince William said: “The 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Air Force gives us an opportunity to reflect on the service, courage and sacrifice made by generations of air force men and women in Australia and around the world.

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“In conflict and in peace, the Royal Australian Air Force has developed an outstanding reputation for resilience, innovation and dedication to duty.” He added: “Over the last 12 months, Australia has faced the challenges of terrible bushfires and a global pandemic. “The Australian RAF has once again shown its ability to respond quickly to supporting Australians in need.”

Reflecting on his time as an RAF search and rescue pilot, William said: “During my own service I had the pleasure of meeting many serving Australians and have seen first-hand the special bond shared between our two services.

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Language expert and author Judi James analysed William’s moving message and shared her insights. According to the analyst, William positions himself as “the man who will be king” in the new video.

She further added, “After his more casual video appearances, this message seems to re-present William very emphatically as the man who will be king.” Dressed in RAF attire, Judi claimed the Duke of Cambridge managed to channel some of the Queen’s clout in his latest address.

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