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Prince William looks identical to Princess Diana in a forgotten childhood photo

Prince William looks identical to Princess Diana in a forgotten childhood photo

Style runs in every family and if your mother is Princess Diana, then you are sure to have an impeccable sense of fashion.

The style gene was definitely passed down from Princess Diana to her son, Prince William.

This is evident in a rare childhood photo of Prince William, who at a young age, showed that he inherited his mother’s style genes. The photo captured the four-year-old prince attending a nativity play in December 1986, hand in hand with Princess Diana.

The young prince was seen wearing a playful quilted coat, featuring a vertically striped print made from primary colours and a puffer silhouette. He was layered over an adorable Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and shorts, paired with knee-high socks and black shoes. To top off the look, William was wearing a blue cotton shirt underneath his Disney-themed jumper.

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The resemblance between Prince William and Princess Diana in the photo is uncanny. With a sweep of sandy hair and an angelic face, it’s clear that the young prince inherited not just Diana’s fashion sense, but also her famous features.

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Diana was known for her close relationship with her sons, who she treated like any other child, taking them to theme parks, sending them to public school, and accompanying them on royal tours.

Since her tragic death in 1997, Prince William and Prince Harry have honoured their mother’s legacy by continuing some of her most vital charity work. From personal photos and public appearances, it was clear that Diana adored her sons, and they, in turn, have spoken lovingly about her.

Prince Harry once said, “I genuinely think she got satisfaction out of dressing myself and William up in the most bizarre outfits – normally matching. It was weird shorts and little shiny shoes with the old clip-on.”

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Looking back at these photos, Harry jokingly said, “How could you do that to us?” This rare childhood photo of Prince William highlights not only his fashion sense but also his close resemblance to his late mother, Princess Diana.

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