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Prince William and Harry’s endearing childhood dinner habit revealed


We love hearing about Prince William and Harry’s childhood years with their late mother Princess Diana.

Have you ever wondered what were Prince William and Prince Harry’s favourite dinner habits?

We all know the trio had lots of fun together from all the photos of their family days out. Well, now former palace chef Darren McGrady, who first cooked for the Queen and then for Diana, has revealed a fascinating snippet about the Princes’ mealtimes on his YouTube channel. Darren McGrady cooked for Princess Diana for four years

During a question and answer session with fans, Darren read out a question which said: “Did William and Harry ever get seconds?”  He replied: “At Kensington Palace the food was always served on the sideboard buffet-style, so the boys could go back for more and more and more.”

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How interesting! We had no idea the family had a buffet every night – lucky them. We’re not surprised the young royals kept topping up their plates. We particularly love the following information though, as Darren added:  “But it was always the desserts that they went back for!”

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You can just picture the boys wide-eyed at the incredible dessert trolley! 

In a previous interview with HELLO! magazine, Darren told us about the types of dishes the Princes loved to eat, and many contained bananas, which was a favourite fruit. Darren said: “They liked comfort food dishes. They loved banana flan, anything with banana really, banana ice cream.

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They loved things like mixed grills, burgers, pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken and cream chicken sauce… They were royal children but they still had children’s palates. That all sounds delicious! No wonder they went back for seconds…

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