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Prince William reveals how Prince George was different as a baby to Charlotte and Louis

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Prince William has reminisced about his children as babies, and how he struggled to get much sleep with his firstborn, Prince George.

Prince William talked about how he and his wife have noticed distinctive personality traits in their children.

Speaking to us after his chat with Prince William, Geraint revealed: “He asked how the sleepless nights were going. He said their first one took a while for his sleep to kick in. You don’t know what to expect, but chatting to him about the rugby and my baby was surreal.” Geraint also said: “It was an honour to meet him. It was surreal.”

William and Kate are the proud parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and little Prince Louis. Wales family have spoken several times about having sleepless nights with their tots, but this was the first time William singled out George. When Prince Harry became a dad for the first time in May 2019, William welcomed his brother to the “sleep deprivation society”.

According to The Prince of Wales, Prince George was very active and lively. He loved to explore his surroundings and was curious about everything. Prince William also described how Prince George would often break things and was very fond of throwing things around.

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In contrast, Princess Charlotte was a very different baby, according to William. He revealed that she was much more careful and thoughtful in her actions, and was also very affectionate. The Prince of Wales noted how Princess Charlotte would always give hugs to people, which he found very endearing.

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Prince Louis, the youngest of the three children, also has unique traits. William revealed that his youngest son is very active and always on the move. He also shared how Prince Louis loves to get involved in everything, including his older siblings’ activities.

Prince William’s insights into his children’s personalities shed light on how different children can be, even within the same family. It also highlights the importance of paying attention to each child’s individual traits and personality.

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Prince William’s interview also showed his softer side as a father. He spoke about how his children have changed him and how he is a different person now because of them. He also mentioned how he and Catherine want their children to have as normal a childhood as possible, despite being part of the royal family.

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