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Queen Elizabeth: Prince Philip compromised his health to keep the promise he made to Harry.

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A wedding is an important occasion for us and our family members, isn’t it? The same was the case at Prince Harry’s wedding.

How many of you remember that Prince Philip wasn’t supposed to attend Harry’s wedding but he was there. Why? So as to keep his promise.

Though his attendance wasn’t guaranteed, he still made it to his grandson’s big day. Despite the concern that Prince Philip’s health might not allow him to attend the wedding, the Duke of Edinburgh was there at the Windsor Castle for the celebration.

We all know the Duke of Sussex, Harry is very close to his grandparents. He is so close, that Prince Philip’s health reportedly affected the date of the royal wedding. Prince Philip underwent hip surgery barely a few weeks before the royal wedding.

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One of the most important reasons that Prince Harry has wanted this wedding to happen quite quickly is because of his then 96-year-old grandfather, who passed away at the age of 99 in April 2021, keeping in mind his health.

Prince Philip actually attended the wedding just to keep the promise he made to the Duke of Sussex, Harry, caring very little about his health. He wasn’t fully recovered after undergoing hip surgery in the month of April 2018.

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But even with that forethought, there was worry that Prince Philip might not be there for his grandson’s wedding. The slew of royal wedding updates on May 4, included the news that Meghan’s father Thomas Markle wouldn’t walk the bride down the aisle. It also had the news that the newlyweds plan to postpone their honeymoon. 

With these updates going on, a spokesperson for Kensington Palace also shared that the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip might not be at the royal wedding. When asked about his attendance, the spokesperson for the royal family said: “We very much hope so”.

And, Prince Philip has not been able to attend many public engagements after that event. Shortly after the Duke of Edinburgh left the hospital, Buckingham Palace issued a statement saying: “His Royal Highness would like to convey his appreciation for the messages of good wishes he has received”.

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However, in spite of his health and suffering, he somehow managed to attend his grandson’s wedding. There is no doubt that Prince Philip is a man of honour and respect by all means.

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