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Prince Philip once cheated on Queen Elizabeth?


The popular show on the life of Queen Elizabeth, ‘The Crown’ has certainly made it seem that way, but the truth is more complicated than we know.

Seeing the tension between The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on the show, the question on all our minds is: Did Prince Philip cheat on The Queen?

Even after being a part of The Royal Family, the Royal members are indeed private people. But this hasn’t stopped The Crown’s creator, Peter Morgan from tackling into their personal lives. So far, the show has gone around Prince Philip’s alleged feeling of infidelity.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s royal relationships with women other than Queen Elizabeth is highly speculated and noticed upon. Also, they are highly unconfirmed.

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The one thing many of you must not know: Even before they were married, Queen Elizabeth’s family were said to have thought Philip was “rough, ill-mannered, uneducated, and would probably not be faithful”.

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Rumours about extramarital affairs quickly plagued the Royal couple. Those affairs were denied as also there was no evidence. But then also somehow rumours persisted. The action was needed. Keeping in mind the situation, in 1956 Queen Elizabeth was advised to let him go away on a long overseas tour.

In The Crown’s first season: The Duke of Edinburgh spent plenty of time away from the Queen. But rumours of affairs first seem to have caught up with him long before his trip overseas.

They came into the spotlight in 1948, when news flashed about Prince Philip’s alleged relationship with Patricia Kirkwood. The Royal biographer, Sarah Bradford says, had a dressing-room visit from the Prince before they danced “until dawn” at a nightclub. Well, probably because Queen Elizabeth was pregnant at the time. “It was nothing like that at all. I have asked Prince Philip to make a statement”.

To which Prince Philip replied: “Short of starting libel proceedings, there is absolutely nothing to be done. Invasion of privacy, invention and false quotations are the bane of our existence”.

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Kirkwood also said: “A lady is not normally expected to defend her own honour. It is the gentleman who should indeed do that. I would have had a happier and easier life. That too when Prince Philip, instead of coming uninvited to my dressing room, had gone home to his pregnant wife on the night in question”.

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