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Ever wondered why Prince Louis was not present at Harry and Meghan’s wedding?

Prince Louis

Four years ago, on 19th May 2018, Prince Harry got married to Meghan but his nephew, Prince Louis, did not attend the wedding.

Kensington Palace confirmed that Prince Louis will not attend a week before the wedding.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in front of friends, family, and millions of people watching on TV from around the world. But, there’s one member of the House of Windsor who could not be there. It’s Prince Louis.

Wondering why he was not present at the wedding? Given that Louis was only born on April 23, he was still less than four weeks old. And so, he was likely to be too young to be out in a crowd. And so, we all were not able to see the baby boy.

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According to Dr Robin Jacobson, a paediatrician: “While infants can go out in public shortly after they are born, it is certainly preferable for them to stay home for two months”. “If you consider, a newborn baby could go on a plane or be out in public even the day after they’re born. But, we prefer, that they stay at home at least for the first two months. That’s because the worry is they’re going to get sick”.

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Dr Jacobson also recommends that if at all newborns go out in public during their first two months, they should be kept away from large crowds if possible.

Dr Jacobson also added: “I tell some basic things to my clients, who have just become mothers and fathers. A week after a baby is born, if you want to go for a walk, if you’re not anywhere too crowded, it’s fine.

But, you really don’t want to be in big crowds until they’re two months old”. To put a finer point on it, she also says: “Going to a wedding probably wouldn’t be the greatest thing to do when a baby is just born”.

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So now, we know why Prince Louis was not present at the royal wedding. Though, his older siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were present there. They even have their respective roles to play. George was a page boy and Charlotte was a bridesmaid.

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