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Prince Louis’ godparents revealed by Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Prince Louis

Well, now that Prince Louis, is being baptised on July 9, it is also important to decide and reveal who his godparents will be.

Well, this time was a tough choice.

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According to some reports, it is yet to be announced, that who will be Prince Louis’ godparents, but, out of all the possible candidates for the role, it’s unlikely that Meghan Markle will be asked for the role. 

And, it’s not because of what you all are thinking.

One of our royal sources said: “As with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, their parents chose close and trusted friends and aides, and not immediate family members. And, the odds suggest that will be the same with little Prince Louis”.

Also, the Duke of Sussex, Harry isn’t godfather to any of William’s children. So, it’s unlikely that either Harry or Meghan will be asked to become godparents on July 9.

Our source also tells us: “The favourites include William and Harry’s former assistant and nanny, Tiggy Pettifer and William’s outgoing private secretary, Miguel Head.

“Miguel Head is one of Prince William’s most trusted employee. And, it was evident in the warm comments he made when he announced he was leaving the palace”.

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Prince Louis’ baptism will take place at the Chapel Royal of St. James’ Palace in London. This also happens to be where the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan was secretly baptised.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who conducted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, will be the one baptizing the baby prince. And it will be within the same chapel that Princess Diana’s body was laid prior to her funeral.