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Prince Harry’s fashion evolution after meeting Meghan Markle

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Well, If you’ll Google “Prince Harry’s style evolution” you’ll only find most of the articles talking about the style evolution Meghan Markle has gone through.

Not many want to talk about the considerable change in Prince Harry’s dressing sense.

Unlike other media websites, we will change this and, we will talk about his style evolution over the years. Prince Harry will turn 36 on September 15 2020. As a royal fan, have you noticed that he’s always looked better and much healthier after his marriage? His rugged fashion and boyish charm have long earned him a legion of admirers, yet we can’t help but notice the royal has raised his fashion game since meeting Meghan Markle in the year 2016.

While Prince Harry has always had an affection for trousers and sport coats, his suits have seemingly been better tailored and his shirts a bit crisper since Meghan Markle entered his life. We are inclined to agree to the fact that we’ve always had a soft spot for the prince, but we have to admit, the “Meghan effect” is real! Actually very real!!!

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We just can’t wait to see how Prince Harry’s style continues to evolve. In the meantime, keep scrolling for some of Prince Harry’s style moments — and compare his chic coupled-up style to his pre-Markle less-refined outfit choices!

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The whole world was mesmerized by Meghan Markle’s fashion choices after the couple got married in May 2018. While many people out there were busy being obsessed over her stunning engagement ring and lovely looks, we missed something fairly exciting: Harry’s subtle style evolution. Actually Prince Harry’s dressing sense has shifted from disjointed and preppy to polished and modern — and it could very well be because of Meghan Markle’s influence.

Gone are the ordinary double-breasted coats, conservative chinos and slightly shapeless, navy suits. Nowadays, Prince Harry is more likely to be found layering a simple round-neck sweater and smart shirt under a tailored wool coat.

Sometimes he can also be seen accessorizing them with suede boots and a chic cashmere scarf. All in Meghan-approved neutral colours of grey, olive, beige and navy. Personally “I think it’s very cool for a royal to show that you don’t have to be in a three-piece suit with a tie in your clothing all the time”.

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Meghan Markle has long been a fan of the Canadian label, having discovered it through her stylist friend Jessica Mulroney during her time living in Toronto filming Suits. “I think [the label] fits well with her general aesthetic and there’s such an attention to colour and detail, it’s never too fussy,” says Cateron a Los Angeles-born designer.

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