Prince Harry

Prince Harry confirms that he will not seek US citizenship or a Green Card ahead of elections in the US

Prince Harry

Prince Harry last night ended all the speculation about his US citizenship by saying he would not vote in ‘this’ election.

‘This election, I’m not going to vote here in the United States,’ Prince Harry said.

Furthermore, he also revealed that he had never voted in the UK either because protocol dictates that the royal family keep out of politics. Harry’s remark ends any possibility that he could seek US citizenship or a green card for that matter.

Meghan and Harry have expressed more openly on politics after quitting royal duties earlier this year. They’ve urged the American citizens to use their vote in a Time 100 message seen by many viewers as a thinly-veiled endorsement of Joe Biden. 

Meghan is eligible to vote in US elections as an American citizen – as her son Archie will be when he is old enough. But for the British-born Prince Harry, however, it’s more complicated.

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Prince Harry may still apply for a visa though. He has a few choices he could seek if he and his family are wanting to settle in America for a long duration. Nevertheless, two paths he won’t take for sure, are permanent residency and citizenship. Not surprisingly—both of which he is eligible, as a spouse of a U.S. citizen.

One of the main reason is it would mean he’d have to abandon his royal title and any residual loyalties to the British throne. US citizens must renounce their loyalty, something Prince Harry may not be prepared to do.

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Prince Harry will obviously not take the oath of American citizenship, despite many speculations that he would apply for it. Speculations got even stronger following his recent move with Meghan Markle and son Archie Harrison to Santa Barbara.

“Prince Harry is not applying for a Green Card or dual citizenship anytime soon, which will come as a surprise to many because that is what most people assumed he’d do on moving to his new home in California,” a source told The Royal UK.

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Prince Harry’s current immigration status in the US is not clear, but there is a range of visas available to British nationals. One possibility that’s often floated is the O-1 visa—a path designed for “individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement”. As Parisa Karaahmet, a partner at immigration law firm Fragomen, recently told Town & Country, “It is quite common for individuals to apply for O-1 classification if they can show that they rise to a very high level of accomplishment in their fields.”

Frogmore will remain the couple’s home when they visit the UK, a spokesman for the couple said last month.

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