Prince Harry

Throwback to the time when Prince Harry was the nation’s best man

Prince Harry

Prince Harry was previously known as a guy with mischievous antics who would often make headlines and sometimes land himself in trouble.

But in the past few years, Prince Harry has developed into a mature, thoughtful young man.

Today we will focus on his service in the Armed Forces and his charity work with African orphans and wounded servicemen. No one can fail to be fascinated by the royal whose charisma and commitment has won the nation’s heart. The Royal UK takes a look back at why Prince Harry was once considered the nation’s best man?

Well, to start with, it is a very well known fact that Prince Harry has his late mother’s touch. “Prince Harry has acquired his mother’s exceptional empathy,” a senior Palace official said. “He often engages with children and young people”

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He has always been a big fan of his elder brother’s work too. In 2010, he visited a cheetah centre at The Mokolodi Nature Reserve in South Africa during his first joint official royal tour with William. They were there to inspect the conservation efforts of the Tusk Trust with endangered species. Prince William is its patron.

Harry also has a brilliant sense of humour, admitted his elder brother. Prince William has found himself on the receiving end his jokes more often than not. Not afraid of making a fool of himself, Harry always joins in fun activities. Despite losing the race, he once threw his arms in the air and yelled “Yeah!” William revealed.

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Prince Harry joined the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on May 8, 2005. There he was known as Officer Cadet Wales. Describing his work in the Army, General Sir Richard said the young Prince was an “asset to the nation”.

He graduated as an Army officer in April 2006. For those who don’t know his passing out parade was inspected by his grandmother, the Queen. “Here is a face I recognise,” said the Queen, provoking a broad grin from Harry.

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He also went on a secret ten-week tour of duty in Afghanistan in late 2007. After courageously serving on the front line, he was compelled to withdraw because news of his presence was leaked. After five years, Harry was promoted to the rank of captain in the Army in April 2011 and also he completed the first stage of training as an Apache helicopter pilot

Prince Harry once revealed about his brother: “Ever since our mother passed away, William is the one person on this earth who I can actually talk to”. How proud Diana would be of him and the brother on whom he relies so much?

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