Prince Harry

Prince Harry quizzed about having more children with Meghan – see his cheeky response

Prince Harry

After the birth of his second child, the next question that Prince Harry is facing is how many kids he will have?

So, as a royal fan, how many kids do you think Prince Harry wants?

During a trip to Dublin in 2018, Prince Harry was greeted by a well-wisher, Elaine Adam-Stewart, 43, who cheekily suggested that Harry should follow in her footsteps and have five little ones. Elaine told Prince Harry: “My husband also has red hair and he gave me five children – when are you and Meghan going to get going?”

While her husband Simon Stewart, who runs an IT consultancy, was not in the crowd, Elaine and her brood were – Nathan, ten, Adelaide, eight, Malachy, seven, Siwan, five, and Portia, 22 months. Of course, Harry was a good sport about the whole thing, saying, “Five children? Too many!”

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In an interview he did with ethologist Dr Jane Goodall for wife Meghan Markle’s guest-edited issue of British Vogue back in September 2019, Harry referenced concerns for the environment as the reason they would limit themselves to two children.

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It looks like there’ll be no need to guess at whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will make their brood a hat trick because Prince Harry has previously revealed they’ll be having “two, maximum”. Discussing having kids, Dr Jane Goodall said: “Not too many!”, to which Harry replied: “Two, maximum!” This isn’t the first time he has mentioned his desire to have a smaller family. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had a busy few months, carrying out interviews with Oprah. Prince Harry recently visited the United Kingdom for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue. 

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Well, there you have it. While Harry’s brother, Prince William, has three kids of his own, it sounds like Harry and Meghan are perfectly content with baby Archie and baby Lilibet Diana.

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