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Prince Harry is voted as America’s most loved royal, King Charles lags behind in popularity

Prince Harry

Prince Harry, once a prominent member of the British royal family, has found a special place in the hearts of the American people.

Meanwhile, King Charles struggles to resonate with the same level of popularity.

Prince Harry has been named as America’s favourite royal beating King Charles who trails way down the list, according to a recent survey conducted. The Duke of Sussex came out on top in a popularity survey following the King’s Coronation.

The survey asked 7,276 Americans across 36 states to pick their preferred member of the British royal family. Prince Harry got 33.8 per cent of the votes, followed closely by Kate Middleton with 29.6 per cent, and Prince William with 22 per cent, the survey revealed.

Harry also emerged as the most popular royal among all age demographics and genders, cementing his status as a firm favourite among Americans. It seems that his move to the United States has helped to boost his popularity.

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His advocacy work may also have played a significant role. Prince Harry, known for his charisma, compassion, and philanthropic efforts, has struck a chord with the American public. As a former member of the British Armed Forces, he has been a vocal advocate for the mental health of servicemen and women, as well as raising awareness for important issues like HIV/AIDS and climate change. Together, Meghan and Harry, have championed causes such as mental health awareness, environmental sustainability, and veterans’ rights, resonating deeply with a wide range of individuals across the United States.

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On the other hand, King Charles faced more challenges in capturing the same level of public support. Some attribute this to the lingering controversies surrounding his personal life and strained relationships within the royal family. Interestingly, despite his recent coronation, King Charles III did not receive the top spot from any of the 36 states surveyed.

He only managed to grab the fifth spot with 10.8 per cent of the total votes. Nonetheless, his Majesty was recently congratulated for his “triumphant” coronation. The British Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden said. “I would like to begin by congratulating their majesties, the King and Queen, on a wonderful coronation weekend.

“The Government worked hand-in-hand with the royal household on planning for this historic event, conducting over 20 multi-agency exercises in preparation and hosting an unprecedented 95 heads of state over the weekend. “It really was a triumph of pomp, pageantry and pride in Britain.”

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The contrasting reception of Prince Harry and King Charles in America raises questions about the future of the monarchy. With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepping back from their senior royal roles, there are discussions about how the institution can adapt to meet the evolving expectations and interests of the public. The popularity of Prince Harry suggests that the monarchy’s relevance may lie in embracing a more modern, relatable approach that resonates with the younger generations.

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