Prince Harry

Body language expert explains why Prince Harry always put his hand in his jacket

Prince Harry

It’s a gesture that Prince Harry has previously done while meeting Melania Trump, and again while visiting the Belgian royal family. But what does it mean?

Do you remember when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped out for the first time as an engaged couple for a photocall at Kensington Palace in November Prince Harry hid his hand inside his suit?

Many body language experts and fans of the royal family were quick to point out that the Prince kept his hand in his jacket. According to body language expert and How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft? author Traci Brown, the hand movement could suggest that Harry is uncomfortable in certain situations, and is likely to be subconscious.

Chatting to The Royal UK!, Traci said: “This is a habit that we see from Harry frequently that has its roots in protecting himself – putting a barrier between him and the photographers.

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Talking about the chakras in our body (energy centres) he said “our solar plexus is a very sensitive area”. 

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He can still look royal while doing this move and give himself a little extra comfort at the same time. This is deeply unconscious and it’s unlikely he’d admit to exactly why he’s doing it!” 

She added: “It’s really difficult not to want to protect yourself with multiple photographers following you everywhere you go! There’s no difference if he’s placing his hand inside or outside his jacket.” 

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Meanwhile, a body language expert for The Sun pointed out that Meghan was very relaxed in contrast to Prince Harry, and was confident and calm during the photocall, which was particularly evident as she rubbed his arm, which was described as “a gesture of reassurance”. 

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