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Prince Harry fondly recalls grandfather Prince Philip’s mastery of the barbecue

Prince Philip

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was an accomplished chef, who was known for his love of outdoor cooking.

Prince Philip was a master of barbecue and enjoyed nothing more than cooking for his family and friends.

Prince Harry, his grandson, recently praised him and referred to him as the “master of the barbeque.” In a recent interview, Prince Harry, who now resides in California with his wife Meghan Markle and their two kids, recalled the fond recollections of his grandfather’s barbecues.

As a child, Prince Harry stated, “I can always remember the scent of the barbeque. Growing up, we’d have our family dinners, which were, you know, sit down, whether it was breakfast, lunch, or supper, whatever it was.” “As soon as I smell it, you know, I’m taken to, you know, a younger, younger age, when, you know, I would just come around and watch grandpa doing his thing on the grill,” he continued.

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Prince Philip, who died in April 2021, was favourite for his barbecues at the royal family’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk, where he would cook for the entire family. Prince Harry recollected how his grandfather was a perfectionist when it came to the barbecue, making certain that everything was cooked to perfection. 

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But when it came to the barbeque, the only way I can describe him is as a maestro of the barbecue, the prince remarked. “He was fantastic, he was an absolute legend of banter, and he could hold court. Prince Philip was known for his love of grilling outside, and he was frequently photographed doing it while accompanied by his loved ones.

Paul Burrell, a former butler to the royal family, writes of the Duke’s passion for barbecue in his book “A Royal Duty,” saying that he would spend hours cooking the food and making sure that everything was perfect. “He loved to cook outside and would spend hours getting everything ready for a BBQ, making sure that the food to the table settings,” Burrell wrote.

As his children and grandchildren continue to eat his favourite dishes, Prince Philip’s legacy in the kitchen endures. A new generation of barbecue aficionados is now assuming the mantle and continuing in the Duke’s footsteps due to his passion for outdoor cooking. 

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The barbecue is a significant element of American society, where Prince Harry now resides, and many people are learning the art of outdoor cooking as a result of the Duke’s love of the grill.

Harry’s vivid memories of his grandfather’s barbecues demonstrate how effective food can be at uniting families and forging enduring memories. As he said in the interview, “the smell of the barbecue, whether it’s summer or whatever, it’s a chance to get outside, as a family, and enjoy something together.”

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