Prince Harry

See what Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend had to say about the royal wedding?

Prince Harry

Just a few days after her ex-boyfriend’s marriage, Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas wrote a public diary entry about her experience.

Here is all that Cressida had to say about the wedding and Prince Harry.

While Cressida didn’t discuss her personal feelings about watching Harry tie the knot, she did chat about her anxiety over having to wear a fascinator. She said: “Friends are starting to get married. This means the dilemma of British wedding attire”. 

“And, it’s all about the hats. Why do I find hats so tricky? Tricky to wear, tricky to look at. And, extremely tricky for the poor soul sitting in the pew behind. Most of the time I avoid headgear. This can prompt disapproving looks from the older generations”.

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She continued by mentioning the Duke of Sussex, Harry’s nuptials specifically, and worried she’d accidentally chosen the wrong hat.

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She also said, “Last weekend I attended the glamorous royal wedding. The invitation clearly stated that guests must wear hats. Yikes! I opted for a minimal feathered number. And, I just hope I got it right”.

Harry and Cressida dated from 2012 to 2014 after allegedly being introduced by Prince Harry’s cousin, Princess Eugenie. She’s since opened up about being pigeonholed by the relationship. 

In accordance with this, she said: “Especially in this country, I find that people are very quick to put you in a box or put you in a corner. And, think, ‘Oh well, you’re that, so you must be that”.

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“It’s actually frustrating. Especially in the industry that I’m in. But you know, it is the way it is. It’s making a stand and saying, ‘Actually no, this is who I am, and this is what I want to do, and I will do'”.

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