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Guess what Prince Harry really ate in the Army? Prepare to be amazed


Let’s Delve into Prince Harry’s military days and uncover the truth about his peculiar diet during his service in the British army.

If you’re anything like us, you love to learn about what the royals eat in a day. Prince Harry’s army eating habits and the royals’ daily diets have long been a fascination for us.

When Prince Harry was serving the British Army, there were no royal chefs nor £48k menus like the ones he enjoyed at Eton. Prince William’s brother would have been served rations and high-calorie freeze-dried ready meals while on tour – meals that the Duke of Sussex formerly described as “miserable”.

Prince Harry served in the British Army for ten years, rising to the rank of Captain and undertaking two tours of Afghanistan. So, what did the royal eat during his military service?

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Breakfast: A full English breakfast has long been a staple for stationed army troops, yet GoArmy, the home of army surplus and military equipment, reveals that those deployed would have been given ‘The 24 Hour Ration Pack’, a complete ‘one-stop’ ration to fully sustain one active person for 24 hours while on operations.

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The ration pack contains high-energy snacks, electrolyte drinks and 3 main meals equating to 4000 calories. All meals are fully cooked and ready to eat, hot or cold. Prince Harry likely tucked into dishes like chicken and sausages, or ‘All Day Breakfast’ packs for his first meal of the day, while fruity muesli with milk and instant porridge are also British Army favourites. Wholemeal biscuits, jam, and margarine were also mixed up together to make breakfast.

Lunch: An article published by the MailOnline reveals Prince Harry said: “rations are miserable,” when returning from Afghanistan in 2008. “I’ve been on rations now for… I can’t remember how long. The guys here [in Afghanistan] have been on rations even longer. They’re fed up with it.”

The 24-hour ration packs upon which Harry and his fellow soldiers were served included three boil-in-the-bag meals. Lunch options range from popular chicken tikka masala with a separate bag of rice, to sausage, egg and beans, vegetable biryani and a staple of corned beef hash.

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Dinner: If it wasn’t ration for dinner, of which meal kits offered pasta bolognese, burritos with rice and meatballs with pasta, the MailOnline revealed Harry would have also eaten chicken or goat curry, cooked for him by Gurkha soldiers, for whom the dish is a staple.

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