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Prince Charles reveals how William reacted to Harry’s birth


For Prince William becoming an elder brother was a pleasant experience, which he took to like a duck to water.

It was an incredible joy for Prince William after his younger brother was born.

It was late on the afternoon of September 15, 1984, when Princess Diana eventually gave birth to Prince Harry after nine-hour labour. The next day, William, hand-in-hand with his father, Prince Charles, arrived at the Lindo Wing. It was the private maternity ward of St Mary’s Hospital, where he himself had come into the world, two years ago.

The blond-haired young boy gave a squeal of joy as he ran down the hallway to see his mother. He was too young to probably understand that he was about to meet the newest member of the family too. Diana, who had been a nursery nurse and was a dab hand at dealing with children even before she had her own, moved out of bed to welcome him at the door of her room. “Wills darling comes here,” she said.

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No one need have worried. When the toddler emerged 15 minutes later, this time guided by his nanny Barbara Barnes, he gave the press and well-wishers a confident wave. The visit had been a success.

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In the days that follow Charles told a groundsman: “William has taken to the new baby like a duck to water. “It’s worth a guinea a minute watching him enjoy himself. He’s been climbing in and out of Harry’s cot.”

The boys’ maternal grandfather Earl Spencer predicted that the two brothers would be very close. “It will be lovely for William to have a companion and a playmate, and someone to fight with,” he said. “I’m sure Harry will be a very good chap.”

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Prince Harry, of course, turned out to be the best of chaps and his brother’s chief confidant through the good times and the bad. The two Princes took alike career paths into the army and love exchanging banter. The future King, William, teased Harry about being “a ginger”, while he, in turn, brings up William’s thinning hair whenever possible. 

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