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Prince Charles threatens to stop funding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Charles

Prince Charles may stop funding Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle if they move away from royal duties.

Prince Charles has decided that he might stop funding his younger son Harry and wife Meghan.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex declared in an Instagram post that they would “step back” from the royal family. Furthermore, they indicated that they never again needed to get cash from the Sovereign Grant. This money from the taxpayer-funded reserve is subsidized and used to pay for obligations performed by the Queen and individuals from the royal family.

“Meghan and I want to step back as ‘senior’ individuals from the Royal Family. We also want to be financially independent while fully supporting The Queen,” the couple said.

“We presently plan to adjust our time between the United Kingdom and North America,” the couple included.

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Harry and Meghan have said they never again need to get cash from the Sovereign Grant. But they need to keep in mind that a large portion of their salary actually comes from Prince Charles.

Prince Charles gave his two sons a stipend of around 5 million pounds, or $6.5 million, a year. This amount is usually given for their official obligations. Prince Harry’s share is assessed to be half of that amount.

While it is improbable that Charles will totally cut them off monetarily, it is said that “any understanding over cash relies upon the role of their future job and maybe settled once that has been chosen.”

The most significant obstacle is their wellbeing and security, especially in the event that they move to another country. Their insurance, right now financed by UK citizens. This will add up to a huge number of pounds per year if the couple decides to live abroad.

Reports show that the couple means to invest a lot of their energy outside the UK in Canada, instead of the US.

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As earlier stated by The Royal UK, the Queen and other relatives were “hurt and frustrated” by this move.

In an announcement gave soon after their declaration, Buckingham Palace said “We comprehend their craving to adopt an alternate strategy, yet these are confusing issues that will set aside an effort to work through,” the announcement said.