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Prince Charles speaks about Prince Philip’s health

Prince Charles

The Duke of Edinburgh’s son, Prince Charles, spoke to media for the first time in 2020. His father was hospitalized right before Christmas.

The last quarter of the year 2019 was a rough one for Prince Charles and the British royal family.

Queen Elizabeth, talked about Brexit to Prince Andrew stepping back from his public duties in her Christmas speech. She termed 2019 as a “bumpy” year.

The British monarch’s spouse, Prince Philip, has also been unwell of late and was hospitalized in London just before Christmas for observation and treatment closely related with a previous condition. Buckingham Palace says it was an arranged visit, and it is comprehended that Prince Philip had the option to walk himself into the office.

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“The admission is a cautionary measure, on the advice of His Royal Highness’ primary doctor,” read an announcement released at the time.

Luckily, Prince Philip was discharged from the hospital on December 24. He also had the option to spend the holiday season with his family in Sandringham. However, he didn’t show up on Christmas Day as he decided to rest. “His Royal Highness would also like to thank everybody who sent their warm wishes,” Prince Charles said.

Not long ago, Prince Charles shared that his dad was doing “much better and was alright.”

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Prince Charles had said his dad was being “taken care of quite well”. He furthermore joked that “When you get to that age, things don’t work so well!”