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Prince Charles may never have married Diana if this didn’t happen

Prince Charles

On July 29, 1981, Prince Charles married Diana Spencer which was indeed watched by 750 million people.

Prince of Wales, Charles and Diana went on to have an unhappy royal marriage filled with mere scandals.

This included Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. We all know how the marriage finally ended. Princess Diana died tragically in 1997. As the time passed on, soon by 2005, Charles and Camilla had made things official and were married. The most tragic part was that this whole situation may have been avoided if it weren’t for Camilla’s shady father.

Almost a decade before Prince Charles’ wedding to Diana, he had already fallen for Camilla. In the Summer of 1972, both, Charles and Camilla began spending a lot of time together. Camilla’s longtime on and off boyfriend, Andrew Parker Bowles was out of the country on army service. That is when she struck up a romantic relationship with Prince Charles.

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According to Sally Bedell Smith: Prince of Wales, Charles felt at ease around Camilla. Then they would spend late evenings dancing at London nightclubs. Also, have dinners together at Camilla’s flat. That particular fall, Camilla stayed with Prince Charles at his uncle’s estate so they could have a bit of “privacy”. After this, it is said that they became even closer.

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At the age of 24, Prince Charles was worried that he was too young to settle down. Since Camilla was not seemed to be “a virgin”, he was reluctant to propose. At that time, any woman who “had a history” was not considered marriageable.

Yet in early January 1973, when Prince Charles was all set to sail for the Caribbean for his naval duty, he still had strong feelings for Camilla. Meanwhile, Camilla’s former beau, Andrew was back in London. That’s when Andrew Parker’s brother and Camilla’s father conspired to make them marry and also wrote a letter stating about the marriage. 

By publishing an untruthful engagement notice, Camilla’s father may have changed the course of British history. When Charles was back in port, he heard the news of Camilla’s engagement. There is no doubt that he was understandably shocked.

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Reports are: If Andrew hadn’t been forced to propose, Prince Charles may have married Camilla first, instead of carrying on an unfair affair with her during his marriage to Princess Diana. 

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