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Prince Charles says William and Harry inherited his dance moves

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has revealed that his sons, William and Harry, inherited their famous love of dancing from him.

Prince Charles praised the two sons for their dancefloor prowess and revealed that they entertained him with their moves.

When interviewed by Australia’s Women’s Weekly in 1974, Charles told them, “If I hear rhythmic music, I just want to get up and dance.” They asked him if this remained the same, now aged 72 and he joked, “Perhaps, it’s slightly less becoming once you get to my age.”

“I think given half a chance though, the old one-two and the two-step can come in handy. I’m glad to say that both my sons have inherited it, I think,” he added. “They’re very good. They do make me laugh when they get going.”

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In 2013, Charles was seen strutting his stuff while on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee tour in New Zealand. The heir to the throne delighted a local lady by flinging her around the dancefloor to the sound of rock n roll.

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Prince Harry, who was no stranger to some of London’s most glamorous nightspots, got his groove on while visiting his charity project in Lesotho, Africa earlier in the year 2012-13. Prince William and Duchess Kate’s happy feet didn’t go unnoticed when they took part in a traditional singing and dancing event while on tour in Tuvalu.

Dance moves aside, Charles also shed some light on the other qualities he imparts to his sons. When asked if he was passing on his wisdom to the duo he replied, “Well, I don’t know. I hope so. How do you know? You can try, but no, I’ve always believed I just do what I do and I hope that they might notice something.”

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“I mean, funnily enough, I don’t see what they’re up to when I’m not there, but sometimes I hear back from others that they’re surprisingly similar in some ways (to me). So maybe some things rub off … which they wouldn’t want me to know.”

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