Queen Elizabeth

President Trump shares his experience on meeting with the Queen.

President Trump

There were some awkward moments between Trump and Queen Elizabeth, but the rest of their meeting went really well. Donald was charmed by Her Majesty. 

This was the first ever meeting between Trump and the Queen.

The US president met Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle and the two, along with First Lady Melania spent around 45 minutes together. 

The Trumps had landed in the castle grounds on his official helicopter, before being taken to the courtyard, where Her Majesty and the Coldstream Guards were waiting.

What happened on meeting the Queen?

On meeting with each other for the first time, there were handshakes, smiles. And then, the US national anthem was played by the military band as both, Trump and Melania placed their hands over their hearts.

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Unlike with Prime Minister, Theresa May earlier in previous meetings, Mr Trump did not attempt to hold the hand of the 92 year-old monarch as they came down the stairs to inspect the troops.

As Her Majesty and president Trump reviewed the troops, a rare honour for a visiting head of state, let the royal take the lead. He slowed down his pace to match the the British monarch.

Then they headed indoors and away from the cameras for their meeting over tea.

Donald has previously spoken of his admiration for Queen Elizabeth, saying: “She is a tremendous woman. If you think of it, for so many years she has represented her country and has never really made any mistake”.

“You don’t see, like, anything embarrassing. She is simply an incredible woman. And, I can vouch for it”.

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Then, he went on to meet British PM, Theresa May.

This visit was not open to the media. He spent some time at Chequers, May’s country residence. At Chequers, President Trump said: “the PM was incredible and doing a fantastic job”. 

There were some protests going on against Donald Trump’s visit. Throughout the day, thousands of people protested against his visit but the Trumps’ schedule avoided these events.