Queen Elizabeth

Portrait Of Queen Elizabeth with all her great-grandchildren shows something surprising.


When people think of the British royal family, the Queen is the one who springs to mind. Other members like, Prince William and Kate struck our mind too.

But this portrait of Her Majesty with all her great-grandchildren show that the royal family is bigger than that.

It’s pretty simple. We just don’t hear about the other members as often as about the Queen. Almost everybody can name William and Kate’s children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

But, did you know that Queen Elizabeth has nine more grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

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The media tends to focus on the royals who are in line to acquire the British throne. So, people are forgiven for not recognising the eight-in-line on sight. Now, on to the lesser-known’s. We all know that Queen Elizabeth has three other kids besides Prince Charles.

But, what about their children? Are they famous too? 

First up is Peter Mark Andrew Phillips. He is the elder child and only son of Princess Anne. He is also the eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip. Peter has two daughters who are not so famous.

Peter’s daughters: Savannah and Isla, can usually be spotted in larger family photos to the right of George and Charlotte. But, they’re often cropped out in favour of their more famous cousins.

Anne’s daughter: Zara Tindall, is rarely spotted with her grandparents. Zara is the second child and only daughter of Princess Anne. She is the second-eldest grandchild of the Queen. Mrs Tindall is married to former England rugby union player Mike Tindall.

Zara’s daughter: Mia Tindall, stole the show in this portrait, taken in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday. She’s the one holding her great-grandma’s handbag, and we are all dying for not noticing her right away.

Prince Edward’s children: Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn. They’re Queen Elizabeth’s youngest grandchildren. James is tenth in line of succession to the British throne.

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However, being off the radar must have its own perks. Think about it this way: Louise and William are both Elizabeth’s grandchildren. But, while Prince William has to wear fancy military gear, Louise is free to be a semi-normal child.

And they still get the same amount of love and spoiling from their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.