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10 Photos of Duchess Kate & Prince Harry that make us miss their friendship


Kate was always welcoming to Harry, even when she and William were still dating at St. Andrews University.

We do know that at least once upon a time, Kate and Harry were as tight as sardines in a can.

And let’s be honest, we miss those times and so does Duchess Kate. Duchess Catherine and Prince Harry met shortly after Kate and William began dating in 2003, and Kate reportedly became a big sister of sorts, a nurturing and steadying force that the young Harry, who was still struggling with mom Princess Diana’s death, seemed to need desperately. She made him food, invited him to hang out at the apartment, and gave him advice on girlfriends.

Prince Harry, for his part, made his sister-in-law laugh like no one else, thanks to his easy-going personality and his prankster spirit. We’re sure he saved her from falling into a coma at more than one official royal event over the years — especially when Harry was single and became a puppy-like third wheel on outings that also included William.

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Until then, here are 10 pictures that make us miss their special relationship.

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Harry is basically the polar opposite of his brother, who is way less jovial, probably because his role as future king requires that he mind his p’s and q’s, big time. Picture after picture shows Kate happy but subdued when interacting with William, but throwing her head back in riotous laughter whenever Harry delivers a zinger.

So when did this platonic love fest hit a snag? When Harry fell in love with Meghan, hardcore, and reportedly got advice from William — and possibly Kate — to take his time before getting serious?

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Harry was apparently furious, and that put him at odds with not just his big brother, but with Kate. Though there have been moments when the friends seem to be OK around each other, nothing has seemed quite the same since. Kate and William didn’t even meet Archie for a week after he was born.

Considering that Kate and Harry were such close pals, it’s been sad to see the bond fraying, and we certainly hope that they can get their friendship back on track. 

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