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The one person Prince Philip doesn’t want at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.


Princess Eugenie wants everything to be just perfect at her wedding to Jack later this year. And, this will happen when this one thing is kept in mind.

She may want to make sure her grandfather, Prince Philip avoids a certain guest at her wedding later this year.

It’s been a long time since Princess Eugenie’s parents, Sarah and Prince Andrew were divorced. Now, it’s been no secret over the years that outspoken Prince Philip can’t really stand Eugenie’s mother, Sarah Ferguson.

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But, from where does all this hatred come from?

The Duke of Edinburgh, Philip allegedly can’t bear to be under the same roof as his former daughter-in-law. According to some reports, he is still believed to be unable to forgive all of her alleged affairs, commercial work she did following her divorce. Most important of all, her attempt to sell access to Prince Andrew to UK tabloid newspapers.

It might surprise you to know that Prince Philip is not the only one.

It is also believed that the Duke of Cambridge, William too isn’t a fan of the former royal, hence not inviting his aunt to his 2011 wedding to Kate Middleton. And don’t expect Prince Harry to invite Sarah to his 19 May wedding to Meghan Markle either. Well, it’s kind of understandable why.

It indeed seems that Sarah just can’t stop making embarrassing gaffes.

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When Princess Eugenie announced her engagement to Jack Brooksbank, her mother, Fergie took to Instagram to post a string of sweet, yet cringe-worthy tributes to the happy couple. We hope that they will be civilised on the couple’s big day.