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Poll reveals more than half of the UK want Prince William as their next king


More than half of the UK wants Prince William as their next King. Just a fifth think it should be his father, Charles.

And in a further setback to the Prince of Wales, Charles, 36 per cent said his wife Camilla Parker Bowles should be Princess Consort and not Queen if he does take the throne, in an exclusive survey by The Sun. 

It came as an indeed backlash against Prince Charles after UK Channel 4 broadcast those controversial recordings by his former wife and Princess of Wales, Diana. A candid and exclusive poll in Great Britain reveals that 51 per cent of the Britishers want Prince William to be the next on the throne. This would mean skipping Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son.

According to the poll results, just 22 per cent of the Britishers backed Prince Charles. Moreover, the bulk of his support came from people over-75s. Camilla’s biographer Penny Junor told The Royal UK: “Gosh that’s got to hurt after all the preparation he’s put into this. I think Charles will be devastated.”

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Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla were slammed on social media last week. This was so, after the British channel 4 broadcast Diana: In Her Own Words. In the recordings, Princess Diana claimed that Prince Charles told her he “refuses to be the only Prince of Wales never to have a mistress”.

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Of those people who watched it, 60 per cent voted for Prince William. They also suggested that the film had an impact. But it does not alone account for the swing to the younger Royal.

Ken Wharfe, Princess Diana’s Royal Security detail said: she always believed Prince William would be King instead of Prince Charles. He said: “I cannot disagree with these statistics. No other monarch has ever in British history reigned as long as The Queen”.

But Royal author, Ingrid Seward countered: “Things go in a pattern of waves and because of the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death he’s not popular at this particular moment. “Charles will be King. I think he’ll do pretty well.”

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The poll revealed Prince Charles was only more popular than Prince William among over-75s. Just nine per cent of 18-to-34-year-olds want Prince Charles to become king. The Duke of Cambridge, William was also more popular among women. Like with 58 per cent preferring him to succeed the Queen rather than Charles.

Kensington Palace and Clarence House both declined to comment.

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This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished here.