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Prince Philip: From a dashing young man in uniform to grandfather of the nation

My husband, Prince Philip, said the Queen in her golden wedding speech, “has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years. Partnership with Prince Philip has been one of the great achievements of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. This is the longest royal marriage recorded in history.  It is all the more striking because the choice …

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“Clinging to Power” – Theresa May to dare Queen Elizabeth.

British opposition, “Labor Party” backs Theresa May’s election plan. Prime Minister, Theresa May to seek Queen’s permission to form minority government. Theresa May is all set to cancel next year’s Queen’s Speech so she can “cling to power” for a full two years. This will mean that the Tories can dodge controversial Commons votes which …

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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle are moving in together later this year.

The 32-year-old royal, Prince Harry is reportedly making plans to move his American girlfriend, Meghan Markle into his royal residence later this year. Prepare to see a whole lot more of Meghan Markle in the United Kingdom this summer as she is reportedly planning to move in with her boyfriend, Prince Harry, into a new …

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Asking for ‘autographs’ from the royal family is prohibited. But why ?

The Royal Family follows the policy of ‘no autographs’ to the people and everyone must follow this rule. According to the protocols, royals are not allowed to give autographs or sign any documents other than royal ones. Yes, it is true, the members of the royal family are completely forbidden from giving autographs. If you …

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The woman who TURNED DOWN Prince Charles’ proposal REVEALED

The royal house of Windsor revealed in a dramatic fashion that Prince Charles tried to avoid replicating Edward VIII’s romantic mistakes. According to the report, it followed Lord Mountbatten as he acted as Charles’ kingmaker and matchmaker.  In a photo album filmed for the first time on television, the woman who turned down Prince Charles’ …

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REVEALED: Queen Elizabeth’s secret Facebook account.

She may be 91-years-old but the Queen is far from out of touch. Queen Elizabeth isn’t your average grandmother or great-grandmother for that fact, who can’t even turn on their computer.  Queen Elizabeth has a secret Facebook account. The monarch has a laptop in her arsenal and even a lightweight encrypted mobile phone that is …