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A blast from the past: Prince William and Duchess Kate are 12th cousins!!

This is a very less know secret that the future king, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are distant cousins. At first, even we did not believe but it’s true that William and Kate are 12th cousins. It was like a skeleton so large that even the vast royal closet struggled to contain it. …

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Pope Francis meets Donald Trump in Vatican City

A little evidence of those emotions were seen as Donald Trump descended in the Vatican City for his first face-to-face meeting with the Argentinian pontiff. Greeting the US president in the papal library, Francis did not exude his usual warmth and cheerfulness even as Trump proclaimed that it was a “great honor” to meet him. …

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Everything inside the Royal Family kitchen.

Former Buckingham Palace chef Darren McGrady reveals things happening inside the Royal Kitchen. For a chef, inside the Royal kitchen was the most nerve-racking culinary performance of his career. McGrady started in 1982 when he was 20, the most junior of 20 cooks in the Buckingham Palace kitchens. Although he had already risen to chef …

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Prince Harry meets former US president Barack Obama at Kensington Palace

Former United States President Barack Hussein Obama catches up with his ‘ old friend’ Prince Harry at Kensington Palace, London. People were worried that former US President Barack Obama would be sad when posse member Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, decided to buddy up to the new French President, Emmanuel Macron. After all, these …

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Queen Elizabeth allows tour of Buckingham Palace ahead of major renovation

Buckingham Palace is set to undergo major renovations next year, a spokesperson for the Queen Elizabeth’s Household has revealed. The Queen’s London residence will have essential building work carried out across a series of projects. Many of which will be for the first time in 60 years, expected to have a capital cost of £369million. …

Whilst at the hospital in Manchester, The Queen spoke to 12-year-old Amy Barlow, from Rawtenstall, and her mum, Kathy.
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The Queen visited Manchester to meet staff, victims and families of those involved in the attack.

At Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Queen Elizabeth met nursing staff, paediatric doctors and surgeons and thanked them for their hard work over the last few days. During the visit Queen Elizabeth spoke to a number of victims and their families. This included Millie Robson, aged 15, from County Durham, Evie Mills, aged 14, from Harrogate, …

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Blast at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester

There was a blast reported at the concert in the English city of Manchester on Monday night. The United States singer Ariana Grande had been performing there. Two United States officials said that a suicide bomber was suspected in the explosion. THE CONCERT GOERS. At least 50 people are injured and at least 22 people …

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Let’s bask in the glory these photos of Queen Elizabeth driving a car

Queen Elizabeth, who was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and head of state for 70 years, died at the age of 96. Let us cruise into the weekend by taking a drive down memory lane. We learned that while there is one particular month you might be more likely to spot her driving the car, she has done …