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Outfit protocols that the royal family will follow for Prince Philip’s funeral


All the members of the British royal family will abide by strict outfit protocols for the funeral of Prince Philip.

The funeral of Prince Phillip will be taking place on Saturday 17 April.

Let us take a look into all protocols the Royal Family will have to abide by when attending the funeral. It has been announced by Buckingham Palace that the funeral will take place at 3 PM on Saturday 17 April at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.

Before his death, Prince Philip assisted in designing a special Land Rover which will transport his coffin. During the time between Prince Philip’s death and the funeral, the royal family will stop attending public appearances and will swap their wardrobes around for darker colours and mainly black items.

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Every member of Parliament is most likely to wear black armbands, commonly known as mourning bands, on their left arm so they pay their respects. If anyone is wearing a military uniform, they will also be wearing a black armband.

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Prince Harry flew back to London in order to attend the funeral and it was confirmed on Monday that he has already arrived back in the UK to quarantine. Prince Charles and Prince William are most likely expected to wear their military outfits for the ceremony, however, due to Harry losing some of his titles, he will be attending in a black suit just like other attendee’s.

Anne, Princess Royal may also attend the funeral in her military attire in order to pay her respects to her father, just like she did when she attended the Queen Mother’s funeral in 2002.

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When it comes to the women of the family, they will follow rules which have been said to be preferred by Queen Elizabeth. Firstly, the outfits will be slightly different styles from their usual, such as long skirts may be worn and most definitely with black tights. They will also need to wear a hat or fascinator just like they do at other respectful events such as this.

Of course, due to Coronavirus rules, the attendee’s will be wearing black face masks in accordance with the regulations. The ceremonial funeral will be televised by the BBC on Saturday 17 April at 3 PM where there will also be a minute’s silence.

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