Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte’s favourite food is not one we expected for a seven-year-old

Princess Charlotte

While Princess Charlotte prefers many kid favourites like pasta and pizza, she has a particularly unusual favourite snack.

Princess Charlotte’s favourite food isn’t chips or mash or peas or any other kind of baby mush.

As a young child, I barely knew what “my favourite food” meant but then again, I’m not a part of the royal family so my preference for cuisine was reasonably limited as a tot. However, not the same can be said for Princess Charlotte. Most seven-year-olds love to snack on cheese, crackers, goldfish, and other kid-type foods. But, not Princess Charlotte. While Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s daughter fancies many kid favourites like cheesy pasta and pizza, she has a particularly unusual favourite snack — especially for someone her age.

It’s no hidden secret that Princess Charlotte is always full of energy. Some of her favourite activities include chasing her big brother, Prince George around, playing tennis, dancing, and moving full-speed on her tricycle. But, with all that pint-sized energy, she needs to stay fueled and loves a good snack. Food — especially what her children eat — is important to Kate, which is why she urges them to not only eat a well-balanced meal but help out with cooking. Despite her young age, Princess Charlotte can already make pasta sauce from scratch and also helps put salads together for the Cambridge family.

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What is her favourite food to snack on? Evidently, Princess Charlotte absolutely loves olives. Olives aren’t the only food Princess Charlotte often requests. In fact, the young foodie has a few dishes she loves — and can help her mother make. 

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Here are some of Princess Charlotte’s favourite foods.

Cheesy pasta & Pizza

Like many young kids, Princess Charlotte loves a good cheese and carb dish — especially a cheesy pasta recipe. Kate Middleton has revealed that both of her eldest children love anything Italian, which means pizza is also her favourite.

Duchess of Cambridge was quoted saying “Charlotte loves olives”, while also sharing how both Prince George and Princess Charlotte frequently join her in the kitchen. Apparently, Charlotte isn’t the only royal that loves olives.

Kate Middleton also used to snack on olives when she was a child. “I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little as well,” she said while visiting a young patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London last year.

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Unfortunately, Charlotte’s favourite foods (particularly pasta) are forbidden from Buckingham Palace which means she likely doesn’t get to munch on her favourite macaroni and cheese or pizza when visiting her great-grandmother. Queen Elizabeth thinks pasta is too starchy and prefers to keep it off the menu. Although, we certainly hope Her Majesty makes an exception for her great-granddaughter.

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