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You’ll die laughing after reading the nicknames William and Catherine have for each other


During official engagements, Prince William and Duchess Catherine rarely indulge in public displays of affection.

Prince William may sometimes place a tender hand on Kate’s back, or hug her closely at a celebration, but this isn’t usually the norm as is expected of royals.

What does the royal family call one another? It would be hard to imagine Kate Middleton calling William’s full title when asking if he wants tea, right? And whilst these pet names are often shared in private, very occasionally, fans get an insight into what names the royal family call each other.

Having met at the ripe old age of 21 at university, Prince William and Kate Middleton have come up with some interesting pet names over the course of their nearly two decades together. Kate reportedly called William the rather risqué “Big Willy” when they were at university together.

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In more recent years, however, the couple has resorted to more jokey nicknames.

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According to The Sun, when William complained about his wife’s “endless mane of hair,” Kate gave as good as she got, and teased him by starting to call him “Baldy.” In return, William is said to have started calling Kate “DoD,” which is short for “Duchess of Dolittle,” referring to her lack of a career before they married.

All jokes aside, while Prince William refers to his wife as Catherine on duty, apparently behind the scenes he called her Poppet. The royal couple was also overheard at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2016 referring to each other as “darling” and “babe.” How sweet!

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However, landscape designer Mick Conway, who attended the event, told Hello! that the Duchess actually called her husband “darling.” Whether it was “babe” or “darling,” Kate’s gesture was adorably candid nonetheless.

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