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What is the nickname Prince Phillip gave to Queen Elizabeth?


We take pride in the sweet and short nickname bestowed upon us by our parents. The only problem with such names is when it comes out in public.

Even the mention of the name may call for endless trolls. No one is spared from it.

Not even The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth. Even she has a nickname.

However The Duke of Edinburgh, Phillip affectionately called her lady-love ‘Cabbage’. The name was revealed after the film ‘The Queen’ was released. In one scene, Prince Philip says, “Move over, Cabbage”. 

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Princess Elizabeth and her new husband, Prince Philip of Greece, pose for a royal photographer

Furthermore, the 96-year-old monarch’s biographer, said: “Yes, I’ve heard that is how he will sometimes refer to her”.

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Queen Elizabeth II and Philip are pictured with their children (left to right)

The question revolves around a throw-away line in an old film about the royal family, “The Queen” which is set in the tumultuous days after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in August 1997.

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However the name, “Cabbage,”, may stem from the French term of affection “mon petit chou”, which literally means “my little cabbage”, although it can also be translated as “my little pastry puff”.

A 1972 photo of Queen Elizabeth II with her husband Prince Philip, and her children

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