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How the monarchy could end under Prince William’s reign?


Prince William will have the power to end the monarchy once he becomes king — but it depends on what Prince George might want to do.

Many royal experts claim that Prince William could be the one to bring it all to an end. 

There have been rumours that the monarchy might not have much of a future ahead. When Prince William becomes king, he will be in charge of how much freedom his son, Prince George, gets. And at that point, Prince George will be next in line for the throne, and if he wants to follow in Prince Harry’s footsteps and leave royal life, well, that will be totally up to his dad says Graham Smith, the head of Republic, an organization that seeks to bring an end to the British monarchy.

“Ultimately it comes down to his dad and grandad on whether they will let him walk away,” he told Express. “You would hope that they would, you would hope his wellbeing and freedom will be their number one priority.” “If George, when he’s older, says, ‘I am not excited in doing this and if they then say, ‘Family comes first over the institution, we are going to let you walk away,’ I think that would be the death knell of the monarchy,” Graham added.

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Supposedly, he doesn’t think that people would tolerate the royals letting the next in the line of succession — Princess Charlotte, become queen.

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The likelihood of William or George walking away is extremely low.

Though Graham said that he believes there’s a “very strong possibility” George or William will determine enough is enough, we can’t see that happening. William is too deeply rooted in royal life at this point, and we’d be surprised if George didn’t follow along in his father’s footsteps. This is so distinct from Prince Harry’s situation, after all. Prince Harry was never going to be king.

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It WILL be interesting to see how the monarchy continues to change.

Though it’s been an establishment for centuries, the times are changing, and if the monarchy wants to survive, it’ll have to grow with them. We could see Prince William executing a few big moves to modernize the royal family as we know it when it’s his turn on the throne, and that could end up shaping what the future of the monarchy looks like, too.

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