Kate Middleton

Here’s a sneak peek inside Kate and sister Pippa’s special relationship


The world looked on with fascination in 2011 as a refreshingly down-to-earth girl, Kate, married Britain’s royal heir, William.

For Kate Middleton, while many people may come and go, her sister will always be there for her.

Kate Middleton’s sister and maid-of-honour Pippa Middleton also generated admiring comments in her own right. Such is their closeness, though, that Kate will have been amused rather than unsettled by the attention paid to her little sister.

On May 20, 2017, in a neat reversal of roles, Kate, two years Pippa’s senior, provided a supporting act when her sister Pippa, married her Prince Charming, hedge fund manager James Matthews. The sisters were putting their heads together to plan the society wedding ever since James proposed with an exquisite four-carat ring, said to be worth £200,000 (around $244,000).

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Growing up, the girls were part of a close-knit clan, including little brother James Middleton, born in 1987, who all helped out in the family business and revelled in country walks and cosy Christmas celebrations at which their father Michael would amuse them by wearing costumes, one year even making an entrance as a sumo wrestler.

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Both the girls attended the boarding school Marlborough College together. They even played in the same hockey team, where Pippa had the added distinction of being captain.

Their relationship hasn’t changed one bit since Kate married into the House of Windsor, with the Middletons still vacationing together in Mustique and attending social events like Wimbledon, often with Prince William in tow. The Middleton girls’ charm has much to do with the example of their supremely calm and collected, elegant mother Carole, who never seems overawed by her daughter’s royal in-laws. Together she, Kate and Pippa make a formidable trio who stay right up to date on each other’s lives, and love to exchange clothes and make-up tips.

In an interview on NBC in 2014, Pippa spoke of her family, saying: “We can be normal with each other and that’s kept us all affixed to the ground.” Of her bond with Kate, she said: “We have a very normal sisterly relationship. We’re very close and we support each other and get each other’s opinions.”

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Among the “normal” stuff they’ve always chatted about is their love lives. When Kate split up with William in 2007 it was to Pippa she turned, with her sister lifting her mood with fun nights out. Thankfully, the separation was brief but it meant that Kate understood when Pippa later had romantic disappointments of her own. 

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