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How Meghan encouraged Prince Harry to be honest about mental health struggles?


The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, encouraged Prince Harry to open up about his mental health on a podcast.

Prince Harry spoke about his mental health on a podcast in 2017 after Meghan told him.

It has been revealed Meghan Markle had been dating the royal for almost a year when Harry disclosed on Bryony Gordon’s Mad World podcast that he had sought counselling while struggling with his grief in his late twenties over his mother Princess Diana’s death.

In a new interview for The Daily Telegraph, Bryony explains that former it was actress Meghan who actively encouraged her then-boyfriend to have an open conversation about mental health and his own personal struggles, in a royal first. “It was Meghan who had encouraged her then-boyfriend to do the podcast about his mental health with me,” she writes. “I felt we were on the same wavelength.” 

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Meghan spoke about the importance of showing vulnerability while talking to victims of domestic violence: “We get into this habit of wanting things done immediately nowadays. There’s a culture of instant gratification, of the instant fix. But we aren’t mechanical objects that need to be fixed. You’re a wounded creature that needs to be healed, and that takes time.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently gave emotional interviews about the struggles of being a mother. Meghan has also, previously, talked about difficulties she encountered as a new member of the royal family while juggling life as a new mother and a newlywed. 

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Harry also admitted that his struggles with the media are a direct result of his mother’s death, explaining: “Every time I see a camera, every single time I hear a click, every single time I see a flash it takes me straight back so in that respect it’s the worst reminder of her life as opposed to the best.”

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